Photographer Education

A Fresh New Hobby (or so I thought)

When I started this journey of photography I was excited, eager and super pumped to begin. I read through the manual of my new Canon T3i over and over. I put on the new kit lens that came with it, turned the dial to the green A mode and started shooting anything that was in front of me. Of course, I was in my living room and the picture was not very interesting; I did not care, I just needed to keep shooting! Moreover, I needed more subjects! Luckily, I have three kids; so we went to the local park and I fired away. I tried putting the camera in sport mode and just continued shooting. Eventually though, the newness and excitement wore off as my images stayed the same: uninteresting snapshots, and every now and then I would get a Wow image. I realized then, I needed some help. The first place I searched was the local camera store. Nothing against them but I did not purchase the camera from them, so they really did not want to help. I joined a couple of Facebook groups, but every time I asked for help, it seemed that I received just "Google it" help or condescending remarks that really did not help. I vowed soon after that if I ever got to a point where I could help others learn this craft, I would do it wholeheartedly without condescension and make it fun. Well, today is that day! I am offering a one on one mentoring program to help you learn the beautiful craft of photography! I cannot teach you everything, of course, because I am always learning myself. But, I can definitely move you in a positive direction! 

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