I often have people ask me what type of equipment that I recommend.  When purchasing equipment, I suggest the following items and I have put everything in a small Amazon store to make it easier to find.  Along the right hand side, you will see the categories:  Recommended for Beginners, Recommended for Intro to Off Camera Flash - Canon, Recommended for Intro to Off Camera Flash - Nikon, Advanced Off Camera Flash Items and then General Photography Items that you can search for.  Always feel free to message me directly if you have trouble navigating the store and I can send you a direct link to the items that I recommend.  Thanks for stopping by!

**Full Disclosure:  I do get a little bit of a kick back from Adorama and Amazon and this helps me keep my costs on my classes that I offer down, so please do your best to purchase from the links provided!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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Recommended Speedlight:  Godox. TT600

Godox X1C - Canon Controller:  Wireless Transmitter for Canon

Godox X1N - Nikon Controller:  Wireless Transmitter for Nikon

Godox X1S - Sony Controller:  Wireless Transmitter for Sony

Recommended 5 in 1 Reflector:  5 in 1 Reflector

Recommended Shoot Through Umbrella:  Shoot Through Umbrella

S-Type Bracket:  S-Type Bracket

Powerex Rechargeable Batteries:  Powerex Rechargeable Batteries