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Every image that you see above uses off camera flash. I use off camera flash in 90% of my work and want to share that knowledge with you. If you are looking to learn from me, I have gone ahead and setup several dates for my Off Camera Flash classes. The Intro starts at 8 a.m. - noon and the Advanced starts at 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.  I provide models and you will be working with your own camera equipment for the majority of the class.  Expect to take well over 200 images and get a ton of practice in creating your images.  Here is a link to the equipment should you decide to purchase Here.  (Full disclosure: I do make a little bit of money off of your purchases.)


2021 Calendar:


2021 Pricing:

  • Off Camera Flash Class - $200

  • Portrait Editing Class - $150

What do I need to have:

  • DSLR Camera 

  • Advanced speed lights; Godox, Canon or Nikon flashes; Canon 600EX, Canon 430EX, SB700, SB900 (must be capable of HSS or High Speed Sync) I do not recommend Yongnuo products anymore, however, I can still help you with them if that is all that you have.

  • Transmitters: Godox X1T Controller or Godox Pro Controller

  • Light stand with speed light bracket (S-Bracket with Bowens Mount)

  • Recommended Modifier:  Shoot through umbrella (Size does not matter)

  • Most of this equipment can be purchased Here

The location will be at 4810 Louisville Ave.  This is the Texas Photo Haus studio where I shoot at.  We will start indoors and then depending on the weather move to some locations near and around the studio. 

Portrait Editing Class Needs:

  • Laptop
  • Note Taking Items
  • 5-10 Images to Edit

The location for the editing class will be at 4810 Louisville Ave. - Texas Photo Haus

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions that you may have!

[email protected]